What to Expect From Our Inspections.

What’s included in your certified home inspection:

  • Full-color home inspection report in HTML and PDF format
  • Over 150 images of your inspection
  • Email and phone support for follow-up questions and explanations
  • Printed PDF report mailed to the client by request
Attic Inspect
  • Roof

    We inspect roof coverings, structure, gutters, downspouts and more.

  • Exterior

    Walkways, exterior doors, eaves, soffits, fascia and more.

  • Foundation

    Crawlspace, basement, floor structures and more.

  • Heating/Cooling

    All major heating and cooling systems.

  • Plumbing

    Sinks, tubs, faucets, shut-off valves and more.

  • Electrical

    We check the service drop, mast, meter & base, grounding, outlets and more.

  • Insulation

    Attics, insulation, ventilation, and more.

  • Interior

    Built-in appliances, doors, windows, flooring and more.

Whether it be manufactured off site, stick built in place, or 30 floors up down on the waterfront, our goal is to educate you on the structure’s physical condition so an informed decision can be made based on potential safety and financial concerns.

Home Inspection

A residential inspection covers the house from top to bottom. The inspector will inspect the roof, exterior, grounds, and additional buildings. Moving inside of the house, everything from the attic all the way down to the basement or crawl space gets a thorough evaluation. This includes all major appliance, electrical systems, plumbing systems, insulation, and all fixtures, doors, and windows.

Condominium Inspection

A condo inspection starts off a little different being the exterior is maintained by the HOA. Everything from a 4-plex to a high rise building can have a condominium. If the situation suites, the exterior is looked over and evaluated for future improvements the HOA may need to deliver. Moving inside the interior is treated like a Residential Inspection, top-to-bottom, front-to-back, everything from the windows to the water heater is gone through with no detail overlooked.

Manufactured Home Inspection

These can be very similar as a residential inspection and the exterior and interior is completely inspected just the same. The difference being the construction methods used for a manufactured home require different inspection techniques. Specific areas such as the crawl space, attic, and heating can vary drastically with a manufactured home. There are also different codes and safety measures considered with these construction practices.

Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Most builder’s offer a warranty on a new home. Before it expires, it is important to have a warranty inspection completed. Our inspection is based on observations of the visible and apparent condition of the home, including its major systems and components. After your inspection you will receive a report with any material defects. Then you can take the steps to hold your builder to the warranties while they’re still in force.

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