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Yamhill is a crossroads town located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, halfway between Portland and the Oregon Coast. It’s a small community of about 1100 people, surrounded by vineyards growing the mass majority of Oregon’s Pinot Noir grapes. 

There’s a lot to love about this picturesque little town. Take the kookoolan farms for example, this is a small family farm in Yamhill that offers 100% grass fed beef and lamb; pasture-raised 100% organic-fed chicken; sustainably-caught, minimally-processed wild seafood; honey; eggs; pinot noir. AND it even has its own airbnb suite! The farm store is open everyday and is a true representation of what this community is all about.

The most common occupational industries and business drivers in Yamhill are Educational services, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting, Health care, Construction, Computer & Electronic products, Food & beverage stores, and Miscellaneous manufacturing. This falls in line with the values that mean the most to Yamhill residence.

Yamhill’s median household income is higher than the state’s overall average of $60K per year. And because it is a rural community housing prices are expectedly lower here than some of the bigger suburbs in the Portland Metro area, or even Portland itself. The median house or condo value in Yamhill is roughly in the mid $300K range. Which is significantly lower than even some of the smaller communities like Wood Village or Orenco.


Here are a few resources to dive deeper into Yamhill.

Statistical data on Yamhill :

Kookoolan Farms 

Yamhill Public Works (503) 662-4344

Yamhill City Hall (503) 662-3511

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