Well Testing Services and Inspections

A well water system inspection and well test should be conducted anytime the well property is being purchased. It’s also a good idea to check on your well periodically to evaluate the overall health of the system. Get water well testing services and inspections from your local professionals at PacWest Home Inspections. We look forward to serving you.

System Inspection

During a water well system inspection, technicians evaluate all components of a pump system such as the electrical controls and wiring, related pumping infrastructure, and the pressure tank. All physical components that are accessible are visually inspected for any deficiencies including the wellhead to make sure it is in a sanitary condition and location.

Finally, we’ll run the pump system under normal operating conditions and monitor the motor current to check that the system is performing properly. A system inspection is performed before a well test is conducted to be sure the well and pump are in proper condition to run a full water well test.

Well Test Process

Our 1-Hour Flow Test uses a digital flow meter to evaluate how quickly water is delivered from the well. This is done by testing the flow rate in systematic intervals. The goal of this study is to determine an average gallons per minute (GPM) produced by the well systems. Using these specific measures ensures the GPM results we deliver are the most accurate they can be.

Our Advance Flow Test is an add on to the 1-Hour Flow Test. It not only evaluates how quickly water is delivered from the well but also determines how quickly the accessible water in the aquifer can be depleted. This is done using a sonic water level monitor to see real time data of water levels down to the inch at depths of 2,000 feet. After the testing is complete an observation period of 30 minutes examines the recovery rate of the aquifer. Studying the recovery allows us to gauge the water sources reliability.

We also recommend a simple Water Sample Test to understand a homes water quality and provide awareness of potential contaminants within the well. A basic sample will test for Nitrates, Bacteria and Arsenic. These samples are sent to a lab offering results in 3 days, 5 days or 10 days. Additional testing is available upon request.

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