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Home Inspection Services in Vancouver Wa

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Home Inspection

We provide full service inspections of the physical structure and systems of a house. From the roof to the foundation, everything inside and out. Whether you’re buying or selling the home we’ll provide an extensive yet easy-to-read inspection report detailed with photos and videos. We have straightforward pricing and additional services you need to complete your inspection overview. We know that buying a home might be the biggest purchase you ever make, and we realize how important it is to protect your investment. While some small quirks may be nothing to worry about, there could be more serious issues that only a trained home inspector can recognize.

Sewer Scopes

Of the many systems present in today’s home one that is often overlooked is the sewer line. To determine the condition of the sewer line and if the system will continue to work properly it is always recommend to have the sewer inspected, regardless of the age of a home. Just because your sewer line seems to be functioning as normal doesn’t mean there aren’t any underlying issues that will cause a problem in the future. Having a sewer line inspection can prevent an unexpected emergency.

Radon Testing

Radon is an invisible substance that emits radiation, the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. behind cigarette smoking. The EPA, The Surgeon General, and The American Cancer Society all recommend that every home be tested for radon. Our equipment and testing procedures ensure accurate and laboratory certified results. We believe a simple 48-hour test is not something you should overlook, your family’s health is too important.

24-hour Guarantee

Our 24-hour guarantee is our promise to you. This means you will have the inspection report within one day of the inspection, or your money will be refunded. Although we’ve worked with inspectors who insist on printing the report on site, with our experience we’ve found that a “rushed” report can lack crucial photos, illustrations, notes, and format that allows you to understand our findings. Our easy-to-read HTML reports are mobile-friendly and highlight major issues with high definition images, filters and a table of contents all help you understand a little more about your home. We make our reports clean and easy-to-read so you can understand what the top priorities are.

Aerial Imaging

PacWest Home Inspections offers aerial imaging at a no charge, as-needed service with every home inspection. In rare occasions we are unable to physically inspect a roof due to inspector safety or the safety of the home. In these instances we deploy a drone to assist in capturing what could otherwise go unseen. A comprehensive roof inspection is one of the most important parts of a home inspection. We look at the roofing material to ensure that the roof has been properly installed and maintained, and to estimate the remaining lifespan of the current roof installation. As roof repairs and replacement can be very expensive, this is a critical step in the home inspection process.

What We Inspect

The major systems and areas we will thoroughly inspect when we evaluate your home.

Check Out Our Reviews

It’s no lie that we truly love what we do, and we work very hard to make sure every customer is satisfied. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it when our customers think the same.

Based on 416 reviews
Julie Carson
Julie Carson
I could not have been happier with this service. Dylan was prompt, professional, and extremely thorough. I highly recommend Pac West for your home inspection.
Erika Walker
Erika Walker
Grant took the time to ensure I understood the home inspection and went out of his way to make the process smooth and effective. Fantastic experience!
Tengjiao Qi
Tengjiao Qi
Zach is very professional inspector , highly recommend.
claude lewis
claude lewis
Zach is always on time, always efficient and provides in depth explanations to me and my clients throughout the process. Pleasure to work with.
gary mcgauvran
gary mcgauvran
Grant was awesome to work with. He arrived promptly, performed a thorough inspection, took time afterwards to explain everything, answered all our questions and sent a full inspection report the next morning. We would recommend him to anyone who needs a good inspection.
Chris Engel
Chris Engel
Grant was professional and very nice. Honest and thorough.
This is the third time I've used Grant for my home inspection prior to buying; I respected his professional opinion so much, I specifically ask for him now. He gives a thoroughly detailed report from top to bottom of the house, walks you through every area and shows you where to look for future problems or where things were repaired well. The printout after is perfect for making a decision on your purchase or a template of what to work on when the time comes to fix or finish some work he's found. On top of that, he's a very personable guy and will give you the confidence you are making the correct decision in your home purchase.
Jennifer Ortiz
Jennifer Ortiz
Great attention to detail. The report we received was comprehensive. Will definitely use their services again in the future and highly recommend them to anyone needing inspection services.
Joe Simon
Joe Simon
Kevin did a fantastic job. My wife and I were super impressed with his knowledge and level of detail when inspecting the property. We left the inspection with a higher level of knowledge and confidence regarding our purchase.

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