Need Thermal & Moisture Imaging?

Thermal & Moisture Imaing


Thermal Imaging is one of the newer ways to get temperature details about your home and how well it is protected from environmental elements. This hasn’t always been at the forefront of homeowner’s thoughts, as most of us are only concerned as to whether our HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are working correctly. While it is important to monitor these systems, their effectiveness is predicated by how well your home is deflecting the temperatures outside.

Infrared technology is changing home inspections dramatically and protecting homeowners, or soon to be homeowners, from costly issues. PacWest Home Inspections is certified through Monroe Infrared for CRT (certified residential thermopgrapher) designation and our team is trained to scan residential and commercial dwellings for both the public and private sectors.

What Infrared Technology Does

A thermal camera is used to capture temperature images of a home’s surfaces that are invisible to the naked eye. The use of a thermal infrared camera is a non-disruptive way to scan a surface rapidly to detect problems like heat escaping through cracks and crevices, or frigid incoming air. The use of thermal imaging cameras is an environmentally friendly option helping homeowners detect issues or defects that may potentially cause bigger problems later.

The device doesn’t use direct contact with a surface but can still evaluate a surface for temperature differentiation. The camera identifies infrared energy and turns that into an electronic data point that is processed into video or still photos. The temperatures captured by an infrared camera can be measured and calculated to give homeowners a clear picture of troublesome areas of their home and how that relates to its condition or overall efficiency. 

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging for Homeowners

Now that you understand what an infrared camera does, let’s discuss the benefits they have during an inspection. These inspections are also valuable for homeowners who want to evaluate their current home.

Detecting Invisible Problems – Temperature, whether cold or hot, is your home’s nemesis. Thermal imagery can change that by offering an immediate look at the condition of your home, even though you cannot see it with your own eyes. Whether this is to capture the moisture that might be lurking in your basement or detect the heat escaping through a series of baseboards, thermal imaging offers you a unique view of your home. 

Here are just some of the issues a thermal imaging camera can identify, before these things become significant (and costly) damages.

  • The placement of studs and rafters that might not be to the code
  • Water penetration into roofs and ceiling surfaces
  • Moisture build up in building materials
  • Detection of missing or insufficient insulation
  • Electrical issues at points like breaker boxes, outlets, and switches
  • Detecting plumbing and piping and their proper/improper installation
  • Impact on energy efficiency
  • Detection of pests

If you’re interested in thermal & moisture imaging, either for your own home or for a home you’re interested in buying, we encourage you to schedule your appointment with us right away. You can also contact us for more details about the process, and to get more information about the risks of undisclosed moisture in your home.

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