Need a home inspection in Sandy?


Sandy, another neighboring city of Gresham serves as the gateway to the Cascade Mountain Range and the Mount Hood Corridor. It is named after the Sandy River and was one of the final stops on the Oregon Trail. 

There are only 3 schools within its city limits that serve not only the Sandy community, but also the adjacent community of Boring as well as the Villages of Mount Hood under the appropriately named, Oregon Trail School District.

Sandy, originally a logging town, has seen a significant increase in residents as the city of Portland rises in popularity. It is a quaint mountain community with housing priced similarly to Gresham in the mid $400k range and serves mostly visitors and people passing through. But every Summer the town collects quite the crowd with the Sandy Mountain Festival, featuring local artisans and entertainment. The whole community gets involved in this event and radiates with the spirit of tradition.

The town has been operating its own public transit system for the last few decades named the Sandy Area Metro which meets up with Portland transit at a specific Gresham location. They also provide a public bus service to Mt. Hood, it’s resorts and other recreational areas with the Mount Hood Express.


The town provides new residents with a welcome packet of must know information including a list of Sandy’s best kept secrets.

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