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Rock Creek Oregon

Rock Creek is a growing neighborhood just Northwest of Portland and sits east of the well-known Hillsboro suburb. There is no local governing body despite its 57,000+ population. The neighboring towns of Beaverton and Hillsboro are filled with municipal resources. 

Weather in Rock Creek is fairly mild with a Summer high in July of only 80-degrees and an average Winter temperature of 36-degrees in January. The area sees a significant amount of rainfall, averaging more than 42 inches a year, but under 3 inches of snowfall annually. Nearby recreation areas can be found at

There are over two dozen elementary schools, five middle schools, and 4 high schools in the area. These schools are governed by the Beaverton and Hillsboro school districts. Rock Creek consistently ranks high among seniors and families with children at “Sperling’s Best Places.”

Real estate in the area ranges with the median home price in Rock Creek Oregon at just over $330,000. If you would like to consider purchasing a home in this neighborhood, you can start your search here.   

Setting up Utilities

Portland General Electric serves the greater Rock Creek area for power needs

(503) 228-6322

Northwest Natural Gas handles gas hookups for Rock Creek

(503) 226-4211

Garbarino Disposal Service will handle your waste and recycle needs in Rock Creek

(503) 647-2335

Closest Municipalities and City Resources:

City of Beaverton

City of Hillsboro

Local Resources:

Tualitan Fire and Rescue

Washington County Sherrif Department

Portland Community College at Rockcreek

Rock Creek Community Association

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