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Orenco is a small, high density community designed within the greater city of Hillsboro. This also means that it is still a part of the Hillsboro School District. Orenco is strategically positioned along TiMet’s MAX Light Rail system essentially making it an Urban community in a suburban setting.

Orenco Station has also combined high level apartments and condominiums over retail store fronts and restaurants maximizing vertical space and keeping accessibility within walking distance. The town offers a large flex space used throughout the year for events, festivals, ice skating and during the summer months it hosts a farmer’s market featuring local produce, goods and live music. Actually most of the shops and products sold within Orenco are all locally sourced. With all those local businesses supporting other local businesses, it is what ultimately drives this community’s economy.

The housing here is pretty consistent at a $300K median regardless of if you’re purchasing a condo, townhouse, brownstone or single family home. Much like the townhouse and condos the newly developed neighborhoods in Orenco have also been designed to be more “pedestrian friendly” without compromising the charm of an older more traditional home. These neighborhoods remain within walking distance to town with convenience to restaurants, shopping and public transportation. But what these homes lack in yard space the community makes up for in parks and recreational spaces. There are many scattered throughout this mini metropolis.


Portland General Electric 800-542-8818

NW Natural Gas 800-422-4012

City of Hillsboro Water/Sewer 503-681-6163

Hillsboro School District  503-648-1126

Hillsboro Public Library 503-615-6500

Clean Water Services 503-681-3600

Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce 503-648-1102

Hillsboro Landfill 503-640-9427

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Washington County Visitors Association 503-644-5555

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