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Home Inspections – Aerial Drone Imaging

The advancement in technology is truly changing the way we live our lives. We can wake up and have a small device tell us everything that we need to do for the day, create a shopping list, pay our meters and even pay and deliver items to our doors. Technology is changing the home inspection industry as well, and if you are thinking about purchasing a home soon, you might want to choose an inspector who is using technology in their toolbag.

Today, progressive home inspectors are using drones to capture a new perspective of a home. Some of these drones are even equipped with infrared cameras to detect other issues a home might have invisible to the naked eye. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using a drone in your home inspection and what it can reveal.

Straight to the Top – Of The Roof

An inspector won’t replace a walk-thru of a roof with a drone, but a drone can certainly add a perspective that can be missed in an inspection. Not only does the drone give the inspector a comprehensive look of a roof, but can reveal trouble areas. If the drone is equipped with a thermal camera, it can also reveal where moisture might be lurking.

What You Can’t See – Can Certainly Hurt You

Drones have this amazing knack of getting close to areas that an inspector simply cannot go. For example, a third-floor window with no outdoor access is impossible to inspect from the outside. However, if you’re using a drone, the equipment can fly right next to the window and get up-close to look for signs of damage. Trouble like leaking, bad flashing or weathering can be detected so either you or the seller can address the issue.

The Ants Go Marching – But Not if You Have a Drone

Whether it’s a bird that has found a secret entry into eaves, or ants that have discovered a high entrance point in the exterior brick of your home, a drone can spot these issues. Inspectors can’t always reach these places with a ladder and flashlight, so using drones gives them a whole new way to look out for your future investment.

There are several other ways a drone can help you get a better picture of your potential home, including detecting storm damage and troubles with yard sloping or grades. PacWest Home Inspections would be happy to discuss more of these benefits with you, so give us a call or contact us online and let’s start the conversation.

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