Sewer Scopes and Septic Systems

First, what is a sewer scope? A sewer scope is the inspection of a sewer line from the house to an end point. Of the many systems present in a home today this one is often overlooked. It is easy to forget about what we can’t see. But sewer lines rank pretty high on the priority list of items to inspect, and maintain, regardless of the age of home. Why? To determine the condition of the sewer line of course, and if the system will continue to function properly. Also because a backed up sewer line is gross.

Usually people think of a sewer scope as going from a house to the city main line, which is commonly found under the street. But what about if you have a septic system? Well the process is the same, it’s just the destination that is different. When you have a septic system, the same sewer lateral exists. Even the travel distance of 10-100’+ is the same. The scope just travels in a different direction and ends at the septic instead of the street. All of the same issues and more can be found in a septic line that goes to a septic system vs. a main line, which only emphasizes the importance of checking them.

There is a misconception that the septic pumping company will scope the line. Some do, but most don’t. At the end of the day, just because your sewer line is functioning properly doesn’t necessarily mean everything is roses. Check it out and double check with your septic company that it is a service they provide. If they don’t do it, we can.


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