Signs of Mold in Your Home

Finding out that you have mold in your home is something that should be taken seriously, because mold can have serious health effects on you and negative structural effects on your home.

However, it can be difficult to notice that you have mold in your home without getting a mold inspection.

Here are 4 signs that you might have mold in your house! 

1. Allergies Constantly 

Even if you are someone who has allergies frequently, or if you have seasonal allergies but have been noticing that you are constantly sneezing and coughing, having a runny nose and difficulty breathing – this is a sign of mold. 

Pay special attention to how long your allergies are lasting – if you normally have them – and if nothing seems to help you might want to check for mold! 

If you normally don’t have allergies but have been feeling like you are developing allergies, this is also a red flag that you might want to get a mold inspection.

2. Dark or Discolored Spots

If you notice that the walls in your home have a few spots that look like they are stained, this is a sign that moisture may be getting in and allowing mold to grow. 

If you regularly have water leaks in your home there is a very high chance that you have mold growing already, and you should have a mold inspector come out to make sure that you are safe! 

3. Musty Smell

If your home constantly needs air fresheners because it always smells off, but even with them you can still sometimes smell it, this is a sign of mold as well. 

If you don’t vacuum for a longer period of time and you notice the smell getting worse, this means that you shouldn’t ignore the smell. 

If you have a bad smell in your home, chances are that your home already has a substantial amount of mold, which means you should get it checked out quickly. Mold is detrimental to health and can cause serious health risks. 

4. If You See Mold

While this may sound obvious, sometimes seeing a tiny bit of mold isn’t alarming, and it is easy to clean up and forget about. 

However, if you do see mold in your home, it likely means that there is more, or that the ability for mold to grow is high. Typically, this means that there is excess moisture in your home, and that it either doesn’t have proper ventilation – or that there is a leak that is allowing water to get in. 

If you notice any of these signs of mold, investigate yourself and see if you notice any of the other signs! However, it is always best to be safe than sorry when it comes to mold in your home, so getting a mold inspection will allow you to have a definitive answer!

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