The Benefits of Thermal Imaging

The Benefits of a Thermal Home Inspection

A home inspection is a critical part of the home purchasing/selling process. It allows the homeowner and purchaser to get a complete picture of the homes condition. However, a large portion of the home and its major equipment are hidden by walls, flooring, and insulation. So how do you tell if major systems like your ducts, electrical, and plumbing are working properly if you can’t see them?

Thermal Imaging can find issues in new homes as well as in older homes. Overtime building codes have changed. By using thermal imaging, home inspectors are able to give homeowners a more complete picture of their homes condition. Here are the three major benefits of thermal imaging in a home inspection:


1) Finding Hidden Moisture

Over time, the homes building envelope has become tighter and tighter. This has resulted in more restricted airflow and an increase in moisture bathrooms, laundry rooms, and air ducts which can create mold and mildew. Thermal imaging can help identify areas of hidden moisture which can then be repaired.


2) Electrical Hot Spots

Another benefit of thermal imaging is the ability to find hot spots in your homes electrical system. When electrical wiring erodes, is causes heat at the connection points which can be identified by our thermal imaging system. By locating these early you prevent the possibility of a house fire and can hire an electrician to repair the corroded wires.


3) Heat Loss

One of the major expenses for a homeowner is the monthly utility bills. In Canada during the winter, temperatures can reach below -40, which means homes run their furnace more often. If your home does not hold heat efficiently, this could result in a HUGE heating bill. Home inspectors use thermal imaging devices to detect major areas of heat loss in your home in areas such as windows and doors. Fixing issues like these can save a homeowner 10-15% on their monthly energy bill.


Thermal imaging technology can help detect various problems within a home that may be hidden. It allows inspectors to actually find missing insulation, hidden moisture and various other problems that can be identified with the use of a Thermal Imaging camera.

Guest blog post by Jesse Fox of FXC Inspections in Edmonton, Alberta

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